Microsoft’s SharePoint is an industry-leading platform for intranet development, secure document management, and collaboration. Planbox’s Sharepoint integration is achieved through a set of Sharepoint web parts that are used to provide an embedded innovation management platform and services for your Sharepoints users who seamlessly access Planbox without having to leave Sharepoint.


Integration of Planbox with Sharepoint:

  • Offers you the possibility of making your innovation management system securely and immediately accessible as part of your internal or external Sharepoint collaboration portals.
  • Allows your users to collaborate and participate in your innovation activities without leaving Sharepoint.
  • Users are not required to separately log into Planbox as Sharepoint takes care of user authentication.
  • Because users will not leave their Sharepoint workspace, this increases the opportunity to capture great ideas as they come up.
  • Being embedded in Sharepoint increases the visibility of the innovative programs, increasing the engagement opportunity to participate.
  • With greater idea capture and engagement, integrating with Sharepoint increases the overall value you’re getting from your investment with Planbox.


  • The Planbox Sharepoint integration leverages Sharepoint’s user authentication system and web part framework to seamlessly embed Planbox in your Sharepoint portal. Therefore the management of the platform and its content becomes a much simpler task, as any updates to the content within Planbox are automatically rolled out to every user upon their next visit to Sharepoint. 
  • Using Sharepoint allows your users to leverage their existing Sharepoint team and resources allowing them to have full control over the platform and ultimately the user experience.
  • The Planbox innovation management platform is completely configurable to your requirements and can be managed within your existing ecosystem.


  • Deploy an organization-wide innovation management system embedded in our Sharepoint portal
  • Promote innovation activities in your Sharepoint powered intranets
  • Communicate and promote news, updates, leaderboards, and dashboards about your innovation program and success using your Sharepoint intranet

A Short Video tour can be found here.

Web Part links your innovation portal to your Sharepoint page.

Access your embedded innovation portal directly from Sharepoint.