How does your organization create, deliver, and capture the value of innovation concepts? Real-time Collaborative Canvas helps you bring all of the key elements of an idea or concept onto a single page. It can be used to develop a business concept, collaborate virtually to describe its potential, and to build a business case. Canvas is a visual and intuitive way to communicate ideas and develop new concepts. It forces you to think of concepts in a more structured way and reduces the business case development process using a templated approach where the assumptions can be tested and validated or rejected before the concept turns into a project.


  • Use canvas to describe and quickly validate a concept instead of developing time-consuming financial models or detailed business plans

  • The lightweight nature of a canvas is ideally suited for the innovator’s journey which is best characterized more as a search than the execution of a working model. New concept development and validation requires a multi-faceted approach and an agile mindsight that can quickly adapt and evolve with new learnings.

  • Canvas is not only a quick but also an effective way for you to tell a story


  • It’s easy for you to create, adapt, and share a new canvas by offering the following pre-configured canvas templates:

    • BMC - Business Model Canvas (BMC) is a model for describing, visualizing, and assessing business model changes. It describes what value is created and delivered.

    • Lean - Lean Canvas is an adaptation of BMC designed to be problem/solution-focused presented in a lean startup spirit (fast, concise, and agile)

    • Pitch - A Pitch Canvas helps you prepare a pitch for a business idea to potential investors by describing the idea’s audience, needs, objectives, message, and call to action.

    • Flourishing - Flourishing Business Canvas provides a common language for describing and designing a concept with a diverse range of stakeholders and goals. It builds an understanding of interconnections between the concept and the organization with its communities and the world: economically, socially, and environmentally.

    • SWOT Analysis - SWOT Analysis Canvas describes the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of a concept to help determine whether the concept fits your organization’s risk tolerance and is aligned with your strategic objectives.

  • Add one or multiple canvases to the concept you’d like to further develop and invite team members to collaborate in real-time. Everyone can add sticky notes, files, and ideas to fill out each section.

  • Choose canvases that you would like to explore further and export them in a variety of formats for further discussion, planning, risk analysis with stakeholders, and subject matter experts.

  • Invite people to collaborate with you on the canvas.

  • Attach a cover image, documents, and images to cards.

  • Setup what canvas invites you would like to be notified of via Slack, Microsoft Teams, or browser notifications.



  • The online real-time collaborative canvas application to quickly and visually validate new ideas and concepts

  • Business Model Canvas (BMC) to describe and explore new business models

  • Lean Canvas to describe new concepts using a startup and agile approach

  • Pitch Canvas to pitch your concept in Shark Tank-style or other competitive idea/concept validation/evaluation activities

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