Discovery Central (DC) can turn any organization into a hotbed of innovation. These core creative insight discovery methods (AHA! moments) generate breakthroughs in any aspect of your business – including breakthrough business models, unique products or variations, application of emerging technologies in your business, creative ways of serving customers, and new ways of working together. DC brings with it a host of new features to build on this powerful collaborative data analysis solution to discover the best opportunities and focus areas for your innovation investments.


  • Powerful online collaboration tool you can use to explore uncharted frontiers and discover new focus areas and opportunities for improvement or disruptive innovation.

  • Use the self-driving information discovery engine to find relevant data from the continuous search of all available internal and external data sources to create Clues. Data that was once trapped in silos can now serve as a powerful fuel to shape your future.

  • DC is powered by Elasticsearch technology that enables fast incisive searches of data to uncover new insights and opportunities.

  • Create ideas and challenges directly from DC for the best newly discovered opportunities and insights.

  • Additional role-based security settings to control who can create, edit, and delete clues, meanings, hunches, and other DC information.

  • Discovery Central is now a part of Planbox Agile Innovation Suite. Therefore the management of the platform and its users becomes a much simpler task.


  • Online multi-user collaboration tool to discuss new opportunities and focus areas for improvement and innovation

  • Unified user authentication using SSO or another authentication method you have setup in Agile Innovation Suite.

  • Role-based security roles can be configured to decide who can create, edit and delete clues, meanings, hunches, insights, and opportunities

  • Create clues directly from articles and information discovered from the self-driving search engine

  • With the press of a button, create ideas and challenges in Innovation Central from DC opportunities

  • User-friendly and rich UI for mobile devices that allows you to document each thought on the fly,

  • Support for mobile devices with a responsive user interface that allows you to collaborate and share your thoughts on the fly


  • Easily deploy organization-wide innovation discovery sessions to automatically gather data, facts and clues then collaborate to connect those clues into meanings, hunches, and insights to discover new opportunities for improvement and innovation

  • Use Discovery sessions to:

    • Select the focus areas you should invest and innovate in

    • Formulate and plan your next innovation challenge

    • Assess how potential risks, threats, and trends can impact your business

    • Explore how to leverage emerging technologies to improve your offerings, a design think new products and business models, and to defend your business against potential disruption

Users start by creating clues based on facts and anecdotes with support from internal and external sources of inspiration.

‘Clues’ and ‘Meanings’ combine into ‘Hunches’ where we can find real areas of opportunity.

Once opportunities have been evaluated and prioritized with the use of our Head-to-Head evaluator, a challenge can be automatically created within the Planbox Innovation Management platform.