Planbox mobile app is available for iOS and Android and can be downloaded by searching for IdeaLab by Planbox on App Store or Google Play. A new version has been released in April 2020 and the apps are regularly improved and updated. New and exciting features have been added which allow users to collaborate on innovation activities on the go and in a convenient way.


  • Use the mobile app to quickly submit ideas
  • Participate in active challenges at all times
  • Keep a tab on the latest ideas, votes, comments, and updates
  • Receive notifications and stay informed of the ideas you follow


Main Menu - You can view the menu by tapping on the top left corner.

Profile Page - You can view your activity ranging from the number of ideas submitted, comments, votes, views, and logins. You can also view the badges earned. To view your profile page, tap on your profile picture.

Challenges - You can view and participate in challenges, as you would with the web app. From the main menu, tap challenges and tap on the challenge you want to participate in. You will be redirected to the Challenge view page.

Idealist - To view the list of ideas, tap on the Idea List on the main menu. This will take you to the idealist page where you can view all submitted ideas in the system. You can collaborate on any of these ideas by tapping on the idea. You can comment by clicking the comment tab at the end of the idea page. You can also like an idea by tapping on the heart icon at the beginning of the idea page.

My Ideas - To view my ideas, tap on my ideas on the main menu. This will take you to all the ideas you have submitted whether it's ad-hoc or a challenge.

Drafts - You can save your idea as a draft. Ideas that are saved are found in the draft section on the main menu. You can then click on the idea in the draft section, continue to edit the idea and submit it when you are ready.

Go to Web Application- by tapping on the go to Web App on the main menu, you will be directed to the Planbox web app through your mobile device’s web browser.

Settings - You can change the language of the mobile app by tapping on settings in the main menu. All languages are available. You can view the version and the release date as well as signing out of the

How to log in

  • Magic Link - To log in to the mobile app, tap Email me a Magic Link. You will then enter your email address to which the Magic Link will be sent to. The link will be sent immediately. Open your email from Planbox and tap Sign In to Planbox on your mobile device. The link will automatically redirect you back to the Planbox app and log you in. (Note this feature is optional and has to be activated by your Planbox administrator).

  • Sign in with SSO - To log in to the mobile app tap Sign in with SSO. The app will open up a login page based on your organization’s SSO configuration. Log in to your account as you normally would, and you will be redirected to the homepage of the mobile app.

  • Manual Sign In - In order to use this method you must have an existing account in the system and you can log in with those credentials. (Note this feature is optional and has to be activated by your Planbox administrator).

Mobile Support

  • If you have any trouble accessing or using Planbox mobile app, our support is ready to help. Please contact your Planbox system administrator and describe the problem step by step so we can quickly identify and resolve any issues.