Zapier is an industry-leading integration service providing task automation and data exchange between thousands of different apps including Gmail, Google Calendar, Trello,, Asana, Salesforce, and now Planbox. Planbox’s Zapier app offers you the possibility of connecting your Agile Innovation Management system with thousands of other applications to automate routine tasks and send notifications that will save you time, reduce administrative overhead and increase engagement in your innovation activities. 

Users can create ‘Zaps’ for a variety of different services to help them connect innovation activity and their everyday work.

Planbox Zapier app consists of a set of triggers, actions, and search commands that can be used to create a Zap application to create actions and respond to triggered events in a series of steps and automation. 

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Planbox’s Zapier App:

  • Automates routine data entry and repetitive tasks by connecting Planbox to all the other business and personal applications you use every day

  • In just a few minutes you can configure automated workflows (Zaps) that create calendar events for your innovation events, create to-do lists for your ideas and innovation deliverables, or create projects/tasks in your favorite project management tool.


  • Triggers that notify you when an innovation challenge/event begins or ends when ideas are created when there is a new vote or comment, and much more

  • Use Actions to automatically create a new idea from based on the contents of the email, vote or comment on an idea, and much more

  • Search feature enables you to find specific challenges, events, and ideas and take whatever action you need to take

  • As a premium account member, you are able to schedule daily, weekly, or other recurring tasks to occur automatically such as receiving a list of the latest ideas


The following are a few examples of the user cases you can implement and automate using Planbox and Zapier:

  • After connecting Planbox with Gmail, Create ideas automatically based on the email content the moment an email is sent to a designated account

  • After connecting Planbox with Google Calendar, reminders are automatically created for your challenge’s start and end dates and other key events and milestones

  • Planbox Zapier app allows you to create a board in Trello when you complete a challenge to further evaluate and develop the selected ideas

  • Take discussions in social collaboration software like Yammer to the next level by turning them into ideas or comments in Planbox.

  • When an opportunity is lost or closed in Salesforce trigger the creation of an idea in Planbox, allowing you to analyze reasons for the loss or to make the most of your new customer win.

  • Salesforce Support tickets can be turned into Planbox challenges or ideas allowing you to crowdsource the search for innovative responses to a support inquiry with all of your best experts, both inside and outside your organization.

  • Tweet your ideas directly to Planbox using the phrase New Idea:

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