Using the Private Ideas feature, you can now choose a select audience to view, collaborate on, and contribute to your private idea without alerting the rest of the organization of its existence.


  • Offers submitters a way to collaborate and develop an idea while alleviating the fear of public rejection and to keep a concept private until it’s ready to be shared

  • Allows direct contribution by a targeted group.

  • Team-based idea development without alerting others.

  • Lowers signal to noise ratio for the general population in the organization


  • You can make an idea private while creating it or after submission. The idea owner and contributors can invite others to contribute to the idea. When the idea is ready to be shared you can make it public. 

  • Only those with access are able to see a private idea. Those without permission will not be able to see it, even with a direct link.

  • Any user that has the necessary access rights can set an idea to be private


  • Team-based idea development - privately collaborate on an idea/concept as a team with a select few colleagues without allowing everyone to see what you are working on.

  • Enables administrators and moderators to designate ideas as private for further review and analysis

  • Management of active ideas that have confidential or sensitive information while hidden from the public view