The foundation for continuous innovation is a quick and easy to use system that reduces administrative overhead and repeated tasks. Challenge templates will empower your innovation champions to build and launch the desired innovation activity in a matter of minutes based on a pre-configured template that is designed to provide your participants with the best user experience. 


  • The ability to quickly and easily launch new innovation activities based on proven recipes
  • Create a library of templates based on best practices and lessons learned to share across the organization
  • Save time by avoiding repetitive tasks and setup each time a new challenge has to be planned and launched
  • Templates ensure that all challenges of the same type have a consistent user experience and evaluation methodology


  • Set the state of the challenge such as Planning (by default), Ready to Launch, Active, Closed, and Analysis.
  • Specify the audience groups and people who can participate in the challenge.
  • Select innovation type: Continuous Improvement (default), Core Innovation, Adjacent Innovation and Transformational Innovation. This feature gives the user the opportunity to select a default innovation type for any ideas that are submitted for this challenge.
  • Specify the idea submission form that will be used for this challenge.
  • Select the filters that should be displayed on the challenge page through the “filters” field.
  • Enable top contributor Leaderboard to be displayed on the challenge page, showcasing top contributors.
  • Setup idea evaluation methods and criteria.
  • View all of the business rules defined for this specific challenge. Activate, deactivate, or delete any of the business rules.


  • Use templates to create various types of innovation activities such as continuous innovation, employee engagement, diversity and inclusion, customer satisfaction, breakthrough innovation, future-proofing your organization, and how to respond to new trends and emerging technologies.
  • Create templates to target specific audiences such as challenges that target specific employee groups, organization-wide challenges, strategic partners, researchers, or the startup community.