What is SharePoint Integration?

Planboxs’ Integration with Sharepoint allows users to innovate directly from your SharePoint portal.

Why would I want to integrate our Planbox platform with SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a widely used internal portal and document management platform by organizations around the world. If an organization is already invested in SharePoint, it makes sense to leverage this existing portal to promote collaborative innovation and increased employee engagement in innovation activity.

How are Planbox and SharePoint integrated?

This is achieved by the use of a purpose-built Planbox ‘Web parts’ that are available to download and install by your SharePoint Administrator.

What are the benefits of integrating Planbox and SharePoint?

Innovation programs are only as good as the ideas you collect, the concepts you develop and the successful business outcomes you realize. The ideas, concepts, and actionable solutions are only as wide-ranging as the number and diversity of the participants you can engage in. By integrating with SharePoint, you can make innovation part of everyone's everyday work and responsibility.

How does a user get involved?

All they need to do is visit their Sharepoint portal with the Planbox web part installed. We’ve let the boffins in our R&D dept take care of this, but the magic is where users log in. When using the SharePoint integration, users don’t need to log in to Planbox separately as we let Sharepoint handle all that for you.

Do you have a preferred web browser?

Planbox supports the same browser types and versions supported by SharePoint 2013 through 2019.

So what can a user actually do?

Just about anything their security role allows them to. This is the beauty of integration. By adding Planbox to your SharePoint portal, you are not asking users to log into ‘yet another system’ with new usernames and passwords to remember. You are breaking down barriers and empowering everyone to participate in and contribute to innovation activities.

Can't we just build something in SharePoint ourselves?

Time and time again we are approached by organizations that have tried to build on SharePoint internally after the project has failed or the delivered system is not fit for purpose. Custom programming SharePoint is very expensive to develop and hard to maintain. That’s exactly why it is a smart choice to invest in the best breed Agile Innovation platform that is seamlessly integrated with all of the tools you use every day including Teams, Office, or Slack, and thousands of other applications.

So how do we install the integration?

Here’s a step-by-step guide you can share with your Sharepoint Administrator:


What if we have multiple instances of SharePoint?

That’s not a problem. You can use Planbox web parts and access the same Agile Innovation platform across all of your SharePoint instances.

Where documents would be linked and stored? Are there any concerns about losing core SharePoint functions (such as document versioning).

Not all. You can continue to store documents in SharePoint and link them to Planbox ideas, tasks, actions, concepts, and canvases.

Can the integration be used if SharePoint is the on-premise version?

Planbox has been fully tested and certified with on-premise SharePoint versions 2013 and 2019. We are constantly adding certified integrations with other versions of the applications we connect to. Please contact your Planbox representative for more information.

Would anything change on the SharePoint site?

No, if you’re using Sharepoint to manage your documents, then this will continue. In fact, with Sharepoint integration, you can link SharePoint documents to ideas, tasks, canvases, challenges, and throughout the Planbox innovation platform.

Is there any downside or are there any side effects of using Planbox with SharePoint?

There isn’t one. With the integration, your Innovation program is center stage, so it’s best to have all your cards in order and be ready for the influx of all those game-changing ideas and actionable solutions!