Version 2021.04.09.14

  1. New features
    1. Auto save Idea submission
    2. Application Menu
    3. Improved encryption for sensitive configuration
    4. Improved XSS safeguards
  2. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed H2H results page issue
    2. Fixed deleting Idea Comment
    3. Fixed Task dashboard multilingual features
    4. Fixed Idea list filter 

Version 2021.03.29.13

  1. New features
    1. COE user expertise 
    2. Improved text and casing
  2. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed issue in SQL 
    2. Fixed issue in XSS 
    3. Fixed Focus Area Ideas not showing description

Version 2021.03.17.12

  1. New features
    1. Cosmetic improvements for popups
  2. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed Bulk Update issue when set to “No Challenge”
    2. Fixed broken thumbnail in “Take a Challenge”
    3. Fixed date submitted when publishing a draft 
    4. Fixed export to excel in Idea list if toggle is off
    5. Fixed H2H timeout issue

Version 2021.03.11.11

  1. New features
    1. Cosmetic improvements for advanced search
    2. New order for tabs in idea tab view
    3. Cosmetic improvements for Top menu layout
    4. Improved text and casing
  2. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed ajax error on challenge view page for regular users
    2. Fixed draft issue in H2H review session page 
    3. Fixed noform issue in H2H review session page 
    4. Fixed show plaintext summary instead of summary in H2H review session page 
    5. Fixed permission issue in H2H review page for save review results
    6. Fixed reviewer agreement matrix in results page

Version 2021.03.07.10

  1. New features
    1. Added a new API endpoint for returning the idea hit count by search 
    2. Cosmetic improvements for Focus Areas on idea view
  2. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed Merge ideas issue
    2. Fixed comment section missing after editing an idea
    3. Fixed deleted ideas in H2H session review page 
    4. Fixed community issue in idea view 

Version 2021.03.01.09

  1. New features
    1. Canvas
    2. File Upload UI 
    3. Added support for Portfolio Central authentication
    4. Made default thumbnail clickable for tile view in Focus Areas
    5. Moved reset to the default button in preferences to the right, made it red & added a confirmation message
    6. Added a link to Focus Areas when no Challenge is available (if Focus Areas are active)
    7. Added status list dropdown to the Initiate H2H session page
    8. View reviewers in H2H results page at any time
    9. Improved text and casing
  2. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed H2H issue with comparing ideas with and without submission forms
    2. Fixed H2H issue when an idea has several forms, should show first form in review page 
    3. Fixed Challenge tokens in H2H Business Rule Actions
    4. Changed the H2H result page title to session name in the review page
    5. Fixed broken images on the error page

Version 2021.02.15.08

  1. New features
    1. Updated icons on the idea list
    2. 'Report abuse' added to the idea list in tile view
  2. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed categories autocomplete dropdown
    2. Fixed translations for subtitle and theme in the challenge list view
    3. Fixed bulk update loading

Version 2021.02.08.07

  1. New features
    1. Idea list UI improvements
  2. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed translations per community
    2. Fixed Creating a user in COE
    3. Fixed the change category path issue

Version 2021.02.01.06

  1. New features
    1. Slack per community
    2. Anonymous idea submission
    3. Improved icons in Idea, Idea view, Challenge view, and Focus Areas page
    4. Improved text and casing
  2. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed issue when duplicating or creating a challenge from a template

Version 2021.01.25.05

  1. New features
    1. Translations per Community

Version 2021.01.20.04

  1. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed required fields validation
    2. Fixed H2H criteria
    3. Fixed COE cosmetics

Version 2021.01.15.03

  1. New features
    1. Idea View redesign 
    2. COE user functionality
    3. Improved UI in COE planning tab
    4. Moved Innovation Type to Challenge planning tab  
    5. Add reviewers status on H2H review page 
    6. Improved feature text to be cohesive
  2. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed date picker field on submission in Firefox 
    2. Fixed challenge default Innovation Type 
    3. Fixed styling for innovation color picker
    4. Fixed undefined ideas in H2H review page 

Version 2021.01.11.02

  1. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed Firefox issue related to updating Firefox
    2. Fixed pagination of ideas in the profile page

Version 2021.01.07.01

  1. New features
    1. Calendar filtering (show after the selected date) for the Planning Page
    2. Profile Page and User Card Redesign 
  2. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed an issue with the cancel button when creating/editing an event/challenge from the Planning Page
    2. Fixed the filter list on idea page 
    3. Fixed User Activity reload on COE
    4. Fixed idea list page when jumping to idea and returning to list view with lazy loading turned off
    5. Fixed styling to center challenge stats on image and tile in tile view
    6. Fixed Stream disabled by default when creating a challenge
    7. Fixed spacing and thumbnail not showing when missing a required field in the user profile
  3. Performance Upgrades
    1. Removed unnecessary overhead to improve performance