Version 2021.01.11.02

  1. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed Firefox issue related to updating Firefox
    2. Fixed pagination of ideas in the profile page

Version 2021.01.07.01

  1. New features
    1. Calendar filtering (show after the selected date) for the Planning Page
    2. Profile Page and User Card Redesign 
  2. Bug fixes
    1. Fixed an issue with the cancel button when creating/editing an event/challenge from the Planning Page
    2. Fixed the filter list on idea page 
    3. Fixed User Activity reload on COE
    4. Fixed idea list page when jumping to idea and returning to list view with lazy loading turned off
    5. Fixed styling to center challenge stats on image and tile in tile view
    6. Fixed Stream disabled by default when creating a challenge
    7. Fixed spacing and thumbnail not showing when missing a required field in the user profile
  3. Performance Upgrades
    1. Removed unnecessary overhead to improve performance