Users can submit questions to request clarifications. By default, all questions are submitted privately and are only visible to Administrators or the challenge owners.

The Admins can submit the answers and also make the questions available for all other users to see. 

The visibility of Q&A field is customizable by editing the challenge. If the Allow Q&A tab is unchecked, the tab disappears. If the Allow users to submit questions tab is unchecked, new questions will not be submitted. Only the questions entered previously will be shown.


  1. The Q&A tab can be used as a FAQ page by sharing some important questions with general users.

  2. This feature is beneficial to efficiently transfer the doubts and concerns of participants to the Challenge administrators. All the questions can be accessed very easily and do not get lost in emails, and hence, ensure a quick response. It provides a room to deal with issues specific to a certain challenge.