Version 2024.03.04.01

New features:

  1. Inspire v2.1.0

  2. Inspire v2.1.0 - ChatGPT integration with AIS

  3. Added a new permission to allow users to complete/edit other user tasks

  4. A proper message should be displayed if an idea is deleted

  5. Added a tooltip for Session tab in Innovation Dashboard 

  6. Now able to allow an idea to unmerge from a deleted idea  

  7. Added the ability to pick challenge form in idea document action

Bug Fixes:

  1. A user should not be able to submit an idea without completing required fields

  2. Idea view should not show Dependent fields if their parent is not selected from the form

  3. Previewing and then editing a form should work

  4. Editing a field in a form should work

  5. Duplicated form should have all the fields

  6. When there is no status set in "Status to apply to child ideas when merged" in ideas/preferences, there should not be an error in merging ideas

  7. Editing a form should work

  8. The challenges should be displayed in their respective communities 

  9. A user with proper permissions should be able to edit the challenge

  10. Creating a kanban board by importing cards was failing to import cards 

  11. Applying for Call for Talent as an idea contributor should work 

  12. Certain text should be translated to French

  13. Duplicating or modifying the form should not cause it to break